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Last of the Dashkin

The Last of the Dashkin is the latest in the series.

Brackenwood is the name of one of the highest ranked series of cartoons on Newgrounds, made by Adam Phillips. So far, all six films have Weekly Users Choice and Review Crew Pick. It has a Collection, which includes the series itself, plus an interview with Adam, as well as other Phillips material and other Brackenwood material.

The movies have each sat at the top of the Top 50 all time scores for years, but have now fallen to a lower level, as is the way with the Top 50. Whilst none of the series now features in the Top 10 of anything else, two of them feature in the Top 10 Most Reviewed.

Bitey of Brackenwood[]

A wild Fatsack is lying alone in the forest, when it sees something in the brush. It tries to run away, but is quickly caught by Bitey, who plays with it like a ball before punting it into the distance. He then sneaks up upon Lemonee Wee's house, where he destroys some pottery. Wee comes out and tries to catch Bitey on her broom, but he is able to evade her. She then uses water magic to get rid of him. Bitey is caught by a bigfoot, who looks at Bitey and realizes that he hurt the fatsack. He then punts Bitey away.

Prowlies at the River[]

During the night, a strange chant can be heard while Bitey is sleeping inside a tree. Bitey is dreaming about playing a Fatsack before waking up like it was a nightmare. He heard a chiseled sound and notice a hole being drilled inside his tree. A Chisel-Lizard began to annoy Bitey before he step-down and exit his own tree. While pondering his surroundings, he picks a rock, revealing his water supply. Before Bitey could drink it, the Chisel-Lizard start poo twice on his water supply, Which frustrated Bitey that he throws the rock at the creature, and after all of that, Bitey began his journey as-usual, hopping through trees in the forest. Somewhere in the small lake, a Prowlie is resting. A dandeant crawls onto the Prowlie tail, which attract the creature before it putting dandeant back to the rock. Later, that one Prowlie walking besides a small waterfall, to meet other Prowlies. One of the Prowlies were bored and walks through the river, then suddenly, Bitey scares the creature that it jumps into the river. Bitey were happy for what he's done at them, but the other Prowlies were not amused and began to attack Bitey, with one of them even punched him in the face. But he manage to escape to the other side of the river which confused the Prowlies, and then he dash to the other side of the river to attack the creatures. Just then, one Prowlie tried to escape from Bitey, but he's able to grab the creature and immediately throws it into the river. While other Prowlies watch in the distant, Bitey decided to take a bath at the river while also drinking it's water. But it turns out that he drinks a piss water came from Bingbong, which shocks and disgust Bitey that he vomited out of the water because of it.


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Last of the Dashkin[]

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