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Real Name: Nick Pasto
Birthdate: July 22, 1980
Profile: BoMToons
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Aura: Game Developer
Level: Level 38
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Police Officer
Flash: Boss Bash
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BoMToons is an author from Nevada and Moderator on the Art Portal. He signed up November 29, 2005, and has been a regular contributor to the site ever since.


BoMToons is a prolific maker of games on Newgrounds, both as solo projects and as collaborative efforts. When collaborating, he will usually do the programming while another person does the art. He often collaborates with Luis in particular. BoMToons has made games in several genres, including Shooters, Toss games, and Action games. One feature that many of his games have in common are large and elaborate boss battles.


BoMToons's games have been well received. BoM Beat Battle won the first Daily Feature Award on the redesigned Newgrounds in 2007.[1] Five of his games, Boss Bash, Trick-or-Treat Adventure!, Castle Crashing the Beard, Chibi Knight, and Pico Blast, have been nominated for Tank Awards. In total, he has won 26 awards, including five Daily Features.


He is married and has a five year old girl. He also enjoys riding bicycles.

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