Blockhead is the main character of the Newgrounds web series of the same name, created and voiced by The-Swain. He is best known for her extreme lack of intelligence and sillys tendency to cause destruction.

note:the person who is doing the lesbian edits is more stupid then blockhead himself


Unlike the other people living on Earth, Blockhead is a different-looking humanoid always wearing brown shoes, blue jeans and a red shirt. Blockhead has bright yellow skin and a round head, which all resemble a smiley face. Its tongue is somewhat longer than a normal human being's tongue, which allows her to use it in order to grab stuff far away.


Extremely dimwitted, undereducated and somewhat (though unintentional) destructive (though well-meaning), Blockhead constantly ignores sillys conscience (much to the conscience's irritation) and unintentionally tends to wreak havoc on its surroundings and other people. As a result, it hardly ever has to pay the consequences of her actions. Blockhead also has a number of weird quirks, such as wielding radishes for weapons, celebrating "Ghostmas" instead of Halloween (which silly hates) and constantly making use of a pair of tongs for a variety of purposes. Blockhead is shown in the gallery of characters at the top of the page in the Flash Portal.


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