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Blockhead is the main character of the Newgrounds web series of the same name, created and voiced by The-Swain. He is best known for his extreme lack of intelligence and frequent tendency to cause destruction.

Blockhead has recently appeared in Week 5 of Friday Night Funkin', along with many other characters of Newgrounds.


Unlike the other people living on Earth, Blockhead is a different-looking humanoid always wearing brown shoes, blue jeans and a red long-sleeved shirt. Blockhead has bright yellow skin and a round head, which resembles a smiley face. His tongue is somewhat longer than a normal human being's tongue, which allows him to use it in order to grab stuff far away.

In later episodes (more noticeable in ghostmas episodes), he wears a white short-sleeved shirt with "#1" written on it. This is also relevant to the fact that he calls himself the "#1 guy".


Extremely dimwitted, undereducated and somewhat (though unintentional) destructive (though well-meaning), Blockhead constantly ignores his Conscience (much to the Conscience's irritation) and unintentionally tends to wreak havoc on his surroundings and other people. As a result, he hardly ever has to pay the consequences of his actions. Blockhead also has a number of weird quirks, such as wielding radishes for weapons, celebrating "Ghostmas" instead of Halloween (which he hates) and constantly making use of a pair of tongs for a variety of purposes. Blockhead is shown in the gallery of characters at the top of the page in the Flash Portal.

Film Adaption[]

A movie has been also mysterious origins with Chris Pratt and Tom Fulp with Evan Spiliotopoulos on the screenplay. The movie has been PG-13(Mysterious Package, Bloody Images, and Guns and Cheerful) as been confirmed on this movie. Continue about that distribution by STX Films with Locksmith Animation, Ingenious, and Newgrounds Entertainment. It also has added cast like The-Swain(Blockhead), Jamie Foxx (Eileen), Channing Tatum(Kalie), Drake(Mr Rapper), Anthony Mackie(Blackbird), and Jacob Tremley (Young Blockhead) with Tom Fulp(Tankman), and Frank Grillo(Janitor). Around that origins has been also based off this character by The-Swain. That movie starts of Development in 2027.