BlockHead is the star character of a series by The-Swain by the same name. He interacts with the Vendorman, the Old Lady and the Agitated Driver, all of which will play a role of some kind in Blockhead's vicissitudes. His conscience is personified by a man sitting in a chair. He is best known for his extreme lack of intelligence and his tendency to cause destruction.

Personality Edit

BlockHead ignores his conscience and tends to wreak havoc on his surroundings. However, he hardly ever has to pay the consequences of his deeds. BlockHead also has a number of strange quirks. For example, he wields radishes for weapons, celebrates "Ghostmas" instead of Halloween, and constantly makes use of a pair of tongs for a variety of purposes.

Mascot Edit

Blockhead is shown in the gallery of characters at the top of the page in the Flash Portal.

Blockhead elsewhere Edit

The Blockhead character appears outside The Swain's Blockhead series.

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