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The Blam Threshold is usually used to refer to the score a summission has to be at or above in the final moment of Judgement to stay on the Flash Portal. Before the 2007 redesign this was the score of 1.6 after a certain amount of time on the Portal. Since that time, it is after 200 votes, regardless of how much time it has been on the Portal.

Above and below the Threshold Edit

On the Newgrounds 0 to 5 voting scale, voting 0 or 1, is a blam-worthy score; this effectively means that the voter is denying a submission's right to exist on Newgrounds. A vote from 2 to 5, in contrast, signifies that a user is at very least willing to tolerate a piece of content on the Portal. An average score of 1.6 signifies that a submission's reception is at least a little more positive than negative.

The significance of the figure 1.6 Edit

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Since the score of 1 is defined by Newgrounds as "This makes poop look good", and 2 is "Nothing too new or interesting", and the Blam Threshold is between those two, it is clear that Newgrounds envisages accepting fairly poor submissions onto the Portal.

It is known that many voters, especially Stat Whores, actually only vote either 0 or 5, with a perception that either a submission is good and they want to Protect it as much as possible, or bad and they want to push it towards Blamming. Since the half-way mark between the 0 and 5 is 3, it is much easier to Protect a movie than to Blam it. For example, if 100 people of equal voting power "zero bomb" a movie, but 100 people "fifen" it, it will survive judgment easily, with a "good" score of exactly 3. This is the basis of Crews protecting each others movies through Judgment, which then leads to Stat Whores protecting movies they know will be supported by an influential crew.

Influence of Voting PowerEdit

Voting Power greatly alters the impact of a vote. For example, if one user with a voting power of 10 gave the Under Judgement flash a 0 while a person with a low impact of 2 voted 5, the former user will have impacted it 5 times more than the latter. Stat Whores have often used the large voting power that often comes with being a stat whore to save/blam flashes easily. One example would be the user Toocool100, who has over 125,000 saves and a voting power of over 14; he often saves flashes by request.

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The Power of the Vote

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