Beer Run Intro 2
"Beer Run!"
Author: Explosm
Audio used: I LIKE YOUR HAT
Origin: 01/14/2010
Size: 2.3 MB
Score(As of 14 June 2010): 4.50/5
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
A public service announcement of sorts.
Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Beer Run! is a flash movie by Explosm. It is a comedy short, and is part of his Cyanide and Happiness series.

Plot Edit

The story begins one evening at a house, where a party is happening. Two friends, obviously drunk, talk about how great the party is. However, one of them laments about the fact that they are out of booze, and therefore must stop. His friends argues that he can drive his car to the store to buy some more. The first guy protests at firsts, but when his friend insists, he asks him to pick up some ice on the way out. Once he enters the car, he immediately accelerates and begins to yell at the top of his lungs. Along the way to the store, he inadvertently stops a mugging, dowses a man on fire, and knocks a shopping cart full of food in front of a homeless man. At the store, the drunk man casually buys a large quantity of booze. He then immediately starts to drive back to the house, still screaming. Instead of parking, he slams into through the wall on the side of the house. After falling out, he exclaims his surprise at making it. The scene then expands to show that he has run over his friend. The driver, however, seems more concerned about how he forgot the ice. He hops back into the car and drives away, screaming once again.

Presentation Edit

Beer Run!

Beer RUn! uses a combination of simple characters and fairly detailed backgrounds.

Beer Run! uses the traditional Cyanide and Happiness style of highly simplified human figures in a relatively detailed environment. The movie shows several scenes, and the animation is surprisingly fluid considering the simplicity of the figures. The different characters are voiced by five different voice actors, who are named in the credits. Incidentally, the credits contain the sole piece of music used, I LIKE YOUR HAT, a song by Dan Paladin used for the credits of all Cyanide and Happiness shorts.

Reception Edit

Beer Run! was a major hit on Newgrounds. As of June 2010, it has had over 750,000 views and an outstanding review average of 9.9/10. Although it is not yet part of a collection, Beer Run! was also voted the best movie of January 2010 over other popular favorites such as Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex and The Pigpen, guaranteeing it a Tank Awards nomination.[1]

Watch it here

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