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Profile: BananaBreadMuffin
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Aura: Audiophile
Level: Level 41
Mod AuraLevel 41
Whistle: SilverWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Corporal
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BananaBreadMuffin is a well-known user and Forum Moderator from Surrey, England. Notably, he enjoys playing Pokémon games and consequentially is a member of Tanooki-John's Pro-Pokémon Club. Like many other Newgrounds moderators, he can also be found on Xbox Live, with the Gamertag "BanannaBM".

London Meet Edit

BananaBreadMuffin attended the 2009 London Meet and afterwards produced probably his most significant submission, in which he took the whole group photo and put links onto almost every person- over 70- and identified them all as User, Mod or Admin.

Music/News posts Edit

His news posts are full of links to music he is interested in and he often talks of seeing live music performances.

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