A ban is when a user is prohibited from performing a specific action on Newgrounds. The three official bans one can receive are BBS bans, review bans, and audio bans. A ban in one area of the site does not affect the user's privileges elsewhere on the site. BBS bans affect posting rights on all boards of the forum.

Ban LengthEdit

Users may be banned for as little as a day or as long as is deemed necessary. Users can be banned for a certain amount of time by Moderators, but staff can permanently ban a user and even ban their IP Address.

BBS BansEdit

If any user breaks any of the rules of the respective forum, they can get banned by the BBS Moderators. Each forums has unique rules, but the general rules encompass every forum. Mods can also ban users if they think the user is worthy of a ban or is sneakily trying to break the rules.

Review Bans Edit

Users may be banned from reviewing site content if they violate one or more of the guidelines set forth for reviewers, such as making derogatory comments to the author, spamming, or other major violations of review guidelines. Review mods also have the ability to ban spammers permanently.

Audio Bans Edit

When a user submits content to the Audio Portal which violates the Audio Guidelines, an audio moderator may give the user a ban. Audio bans vary in length, up to permanent.

Ban AbuseEdit

Many mods have been de-modded for inappropriately using the 30 day bans. Jamoke, for example, was de-modded shortly after handing out several allegedly inappropriate 30 day bans.

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