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Profile: Back-From-Purgatory
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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 33
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Back-From-Purgatory is a former Newgrounds Forum and Audio Moderator from Canada.


Back-From-Purgatory has over 80 audio submissions as of May 2016. All of his music has a common guitar theme, and this newspost details that.

He was also one of several audio moderators who continued the legacy of the MAC audio contests run in the Audio Portal and forum. He requested to be demodded in 2014 as he would no longer post music to Newgrounds, and was moving on.

He currently posts news updates on his Newgrounds page, and seldom visits the forums.


He has only two flash submissions, one of which involved underrated musicians and the other crediting him as non-AP music.


He has only two art pieces, and as such is not able to be scouted.