A historically inspired turn based strategy (tactical) game about the conquest of the Aztec Empire. You are playing a Spanish Conquistador and are leading the Spanish invasion forces! Take on the various Aztec Tribes as you fight many tactical battles and defeat tribe after tribe!

Gameplay Edit

You start off on a campaign map, of which there are several, one for every tribe you have to defeat. First you have to capture 2 villages in order to be able to attack the capital of each tribe.

Every Battle starts off on a pseudo-3D map with tiles. The game is played in turns with some units being able to move further than others. Certain unit types perform better against other unit types and and terrain plays a big role in this game. Standing on higher ground will help you in attack/defense and lets you shoot further, trees will cover your units from arrows and so on. It is also possible to set formations on the campaign maps and level up units. Taking good care of your units is very important in this game as mindlessly throwing your troops into the enemy will severely hurt the size and strength of your army in coming battles! A troop that is dead or lost most of the soldiers in the troop will either be completely gone or stay like it was number-wise in the end of the previous battle!

You can win a battle either by defeating the enemy commander unit or by defeating most of the opposing forces. If you lose units they will be gone in the next battle as well! If your commander or most of your units die you lose the battle (losing a battle doesn't necessarily mean losing the game as well, often you can retreat with a small army but you will have a harder time going forward because all of those troops are now gone!

Reception on Newgrounds Edit

It was released on Jun 04, 2015 on Helpa Games and on Jun 18, 2015 on Newgrounds and received the Daily 4th Place on June 19, 2015.

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Sponsor: Helpa Games

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Developer: Thunderbird Animations

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