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Birthdate: July 6, 1989
Profile: Auz
Alts: RoyalStraightFlush
Aura: Movie Buff
Level: Level 57
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Sup. Commander
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Auz is a Forum, Genre and Icon Moderator from the Netherlands, who joined Newgrounds in 2005 and became a Forum Moderator in July 2010. He sometimes reviews movies using his News page [1]. He is active on the BBS and has high stats generally. As of September 2008, Auz is studying Aerospace Engineering at a technical university.


Auz is a regular on the wi/ht forum and has been updating the Top 100 Reviewers list since 2005. He won the Most underrated BBS award in mid 2010.

Flash Submissions[]

As of May 2011, Auz has five submissions, all moderately successful with scores over 3 also with the two recent ones made in 2010 even over a score percentage of 4.

Personal Interests[]

"As for my interests, there's movies. I collect DVDs and I also like to go to the cinema (hence why I'm a member of the cinema club). I like classic and psychedelic 60s and 70s rock music. I play squash and do swimming for sports. I like playing video games as well, mostly games from the Nintendo 64 era." - quoted from PM. He says he is a massive Nintendo fan and has been a long time member of the Newgrounds Nintendo Club