Aura was originally an indicator of a user's voting disposition; the system automatically set the users aura according to the proportion of the users' Blams to Protects. However, after the 2007 redesign users have selected their own aura. There are currently five selectable auras: Light, Neutral, Dark, Evil, and Fab, as well as a special Gold aura, which is mandatory and exclusively for admins and mods, and a Bot-specific purple aura, used by P-Bot, A-Bot and M-Bot. There were originally three auras, Light, Neutral, and Dark. However, after the redesign on the site on July 16, 2007, Fab and Evil were added; the Dark aura became gray and the Evil aura took its place as the red aura.

The allegiance system had changed again since 2012[1]. There is no Fab to Evil allegiance anywhere, but there are many more allegiances similar to hobbies and occupations. Aura colors are now based on your occupation-based allegiance, with Blank Slate being Neutral. Furthermore, a teal aura color is now used, and the purple aura is no longer the bot aura (Bots now have the special gold one).

The new style aura are displayed below as follows, based on the new allegiances since 2012.

The purple aura is now a regular aura, and the teal one is newly introduced. The gold one remains special, and now applies to all bots as well as staff.

LevelBGs n
Allegiance Notes
Blank Slate Default
Game Developer
Movie Buff
Art Lover
Melancholy Replaces bot allegiance.
Voice Actor
Mod Special. Bots were once purple.
Staff Special
Bot Special


Old Style AurasEdit

The old style are displayed below as follows:

Aura Picture
Fab FabLevel30
Light LightLevel30
Neutral NeutralLevel30
Dark DarkLevel30
Evil EvilLevel30
Newgrounds Staff/Moderators ModLevel30
Bot purple aura?

Special Auras Edit

At certain points in Newgrounds history, Newgrounds Level Icons have been replaced with special icons, which may have special aura colours. Some of them are shown below.

Aura Picture

April Fool's Day '09

Ng mao

St. Patrick's Day '10/'11 (Levels 1-9)

St Patrick s Level Icon 1

St. Patrick's Day '10/'11 (Levels 10-19)

St Patrick s Level Icon 2

St. Patrick's Day '10/'11 (Levels 20-29)

St Patrick s Level Icon 3

St. Patrick's Day '010/'011 (Levels 30-39)

St Patrick s Level Icon 4

St. Patrick's Day '10/'11 (Levels 40-49)

St Patrick s Level Icon 5

St. Patrick's Day '10/'11 (Levels 50-59)

St Patrick s Level Icon 6

St. Patrick's Day '11 (Level 60)

St patties 6
April Fool's Day '10 (Bacon) Ng bacon
April Fool's Day '10 (Tofu) Ng tofu

The Fab Aura and the Term "Fabbot"Edit

The Fab aura had become a fad on the Newgrounds BBS; many male users chose it and went under the name "fabbot", a play on the homosexual slur "faggot" and encouraged others to do so. It implies homosexuality; however, users with Fab auras are not necessarily gay, nor does the aura actually reflect sexual preference.

The growth of users choosing the Fab aura and joining together eventually spawned a crew exclusively for Fab users, the Fab Faction.

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