Atom Association
Name Atom Association
Founder PineappleAtom
Date founded 2006
Current status Ended
Current leader Pineapple Atom
Official day (if any) May 15th
Allies Dock Division, Sun Mafia Bomb Brigade
Enemies Socom Squad, Star Syndicate
Website None still active

The Atom Association was a flash online community designed to allow animators to work together towards creating enjoyable flash for the Newgrounds Flash Portal. Atom Association, or "AA", is also a flash crew that networked with Newgrounds as a media for new potential members. Atom Association relied on its members ethics and high standards as the foundation of the Flash Crew.


AA Banner

AA's Banner from the Flash "AA is 1337"

Atom Association was started by Pineapple Atom and Soviet Atom. At first, Atom Association was just a small flash crew with few members. By mid-2006, Atom Association had grown 5x its original size. Pineapple Atom decided to have an Atom Day to compete with other crews that had their own holiday. Pineapple Atom decreed that May 11th would be Atom Day -a day to celebrate being a member of Atom Association.

Atom Association had a large online community which could be found at the last Atom Association Website.

Atom Association had a couple of downfalls when several users tried to deface the Atom Association Forum causing its [(online community)] to switch forums often during the 2006-2007 years. The year 2007 was the biggest year for the Association and after that they faded away.

Flash Style and Submissions Edit

The AA copied the standard Clock Crew style of characters and voices. They got 39 submissions through Judgment on their AA account, but never got an award.

Alliances and RivalriesEdit

Atom Association also had to compete with the Socom Squad which bullied its partner flash crew, the Moon Squad. Socom Squad and Atom Association remained rivals until a peace agreement was signed in early 2007. Pineapple Atom declared an alliance with the Dock Division in an animation which has been endorsed in reviews by various Docks. The Association declared its support for the Bomb Brigade in 2007 in one Flash submission and for the Sun Mafia in another.

Current Status Edit

As of October 2010, nothing has been heard of from the AA for a long time and they appear to be extinct. PineappleAtom even left Newgrounds and SovietAtom, who appeared to be second-in-command hasn't posted anything since 2007.

Atom DayEdit

Atom Day is on February 16th of every year. Atom Day was celebrated by its members submitting their flash creations to the Newgrounds Flash Portal. Atom Day was also celebrated by a share of activism amongst Atom Association's members on the Atom Association Forum.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Pineapple Atom
  • Potato Atom
  • SovietAtom - the most active member
  • Apple Atom
  • Carrot
  • StrawberryAtom
  • RadioactiveAtom
  • ShroomAtom
  • Italian Atom
  • Canada Atom
  • Simon Pegg Atom
  • Blue Cherry
  • CommieAtom
  • Scottish Atomm
  • DeadDuckk
  • Anime
  • Hungarian Atom

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