"Assassinate Tom Fulp"
Author: Cell
Audio used:
Origin: 06/11/2000
Size: 282.7 KB
Score(As of 15 September, 2010): 2.65/5
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature
Author's comments:
Shooting game.
Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Assassinate Tom Fulp is a Flash game by "Cell." It is a tribute to the Assassination games of early Newgrounds history and Newgrounds in general.

Overview Edit

The player's mission is to assassinate Tom Fulp. They take control of Ranebro Brite, apparently a parody of Rainbow Bright, who is a "skilled assassin and bestiality specialist." At first, Tom Fulp is practically a pushover, and can be beaten with little difficulty. However, he soon enters a Super Mode, at which point he regains health. Once Tom Fulp is defeated for real, Pico enters the fight. If the player somehow defeats Pico as well, they are treated to a victory screen, which congratulates the player and confesses that Tom Fulp must be revived so that he can make more crazy Flash.

Gameplay Edit

Though described as a shooting game, Assassinate Tom Fulp is actually a predecessor to later first-person boxing games such as K-FED: Dancing with Fire. Players punch left with the V key, block with the B key, punch right with the N key, and select the one time use 50% health pack on the screen with the mouse. Players have a single health bar in battle, which must last the entire game.

Presentation Edit

Assassinate Tom Fulp

The game uses a mix of simple drawings and a photograph of Tom Fulp.

Assassinate Tom Fulp has fairly typical graphics for its era. Most of the game uses simple drawings on a black background, while Tom Fulp himself appears to have been made from an edited photograph. However, there are some noteworthy details. For example, as Tom Fulp takes damage, he will get a black eye and his face will become bloody. Pico himself shouts out "Pico Power!" at the start of his fight, and the music changes when he first attacks.

Reception Edit

Assassinate Tom Fulp was the second game in Newgrounds history to win the Daily Feature award. In total, it has over 840,000 views and an average review of 7.3/10. It is also featured in the Pico collection.

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