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One of the many variations of the Armor Games "Shield" logo.

Armor Games, formerly known as Games Of Gondor, is a website that hosts Flash Games, similar to Newgrounds. It is based in Irvine, California. Games of Gondor was first created in March 2004 by Daniel McNeely, and was renamed Armor Games in October 2005. Although the site originally hosted games based off of the Lord of the Rings franchise, it now covers a wide variety of games. Armor Games acts as both a developer and sponsor of games by independent developers, such as Joey Betz, the creator of Crush the Castle, The-EXP, and jmtb02. Armor Games generally gives independent developers full control over the creative process, although Daniel McNeely has suggested that they include more advanced User Interference, such as Pause and Mute buttons in games.

Relationship with NewgroundsEdit

Despite being competitors, Armor Games and Newgrounds have a fairly good relationship. Armor Games has a page on Newgrounds[1] The two websites have collaborated on various projects, and have posted each others' content on their front pages. However, Armor Games has done some questionable activities in the past, including a possible attempt to copy Newgrounds material for their own use.[2] Daniel McNeely, however, claims that no harm was intended.[3]

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