Real Name: Mark Haynes
Birthdate: Jul. 29, 1983
Profile: Alvin-Earthworm
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 27
Blank Slate AuraLevel 27
Whistle: GarbageWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Officer
Police Officer
Flash: Super Mario bros Z ep.8
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Alvin-Earthworm is a member of Newgrounds who joined in September 2005. He's best known for his flash animated series Super Mario Bros. Z, which began in 2006 and was eventually cancelled in 2012. He is also quite a high level member for a top author, with his current level being 27.

Flash Author Edit

As of January 2010, he has 14 Flash submissions, which have won 25 awards, including eight Daily Features, three Review Crew Picks, and a Weekly Users' Choice award. Each of his Super Mario Bros Z animations won at least two awards. He is currently working on a game with NessMasta which can be read about Here and Here

Newgrounds User Edit

Alvin-Earthworm is a respectably high level Newgrounds user, 25, and has also blammed and saved over 800 submissions. However, he has relatively few reviews, and has 17 BBS posts. This suggests that although he is a regular Newgrounds voter, he is not much interested in the community. He said in his first days on Newgrounds to Poti05 that he had dreamed of making something like Super Mario Bros Z.


  • Sadly Alvin, as of early 2012, has officially cancelled Super Mario Bros. Z, due to the fact that he was losing interest in Flash animation, and the impatient fans weren't helping either. He said that he is very, very sorry and apoligizes to all of the kind and loyal SMBZ fans who stuck up for him over the years, He says that, Super Mario Bros. Z was one of many Flash series that he wanted finished. He however, released Part 1 of SMBZ Episode 9, to at least give the fans a parting gift.
  • As of late October 2012, Alvin-Earthworm has deactivated his Deviantart account, which means that any chance there was of him continuing the series is slim-to-none.
  • However, many fans are taking it upon themselves to remake or continue Super Mario Bros. Z, which at first He didn't want, as he still had a vision to how SMBZ would continue and end, and that if he let someone continue, they would mess up his idea, however, know that he has deactivated his account on Deviantart, he could probably care less for what other do.
  • In October 2013, Alvin release an official remake of the first scene of his first episode and announce he might restart the series.
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