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Profile: altr
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 46
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Whistle: SilverWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander
Sup. Commander
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altr is a Flash artist. Since signing up on April 23, 2001, he has had over 40 Flash submissions, done either alone or as a collaboration, and has won eight awards, including three Daily Features and an Underdog award; he has not won an award since 2006, and only had three submissions since then. However, one of those three submissions, Exodus Tyson Punched Out, ended up in the Bastard Collection.

Popular FlashesEdit

His most popular flash, at more than 8 million views is Paris Hilton DressUp

Another of his popular flashes, submitted on September 15, 2001, is T.T.C. : Osama B.L., a torture game with close to a million views.

Low Community InvolvementEdit

Despite having high stats, altr isn't particularly involved in the Newgrounds community. He has not reviewed any Flash submissions since 2006, and has less than 5,000 posts, despite being on Newgrounds for almost a decade. Despite nto engaging directly with the community, his commitment to the site is demonstrated by being Supreme Commander rank in his thousands of Blam/Saves.

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