StrawberryClock is an alt of Coolboyman. It was used for submitting low-quality flashes such as B.

An alt is an NG account set up by a user that already exists in order to act under a different name. This may be done for several reasons:

BBS Alts

  • Posting threads that get a reaction from the community, such as what pokemon-trainerBROCK, Symbiontic, theNGpro, BigBlueWhale, Mr-Fergenweiler, TeacherBrunswick, and SchoolRocks did.
  • Being able to post beyond the 4 post limit.
  • Posting while your main account is banned. Note: This is against the BBS rules and if you are caught, your accounts will be deleted.
  • Double posting, even though this is rarely done with two accounts.
  • Sock Puppet. This is where a user creates another persona to agree with their point of view.

NG users will often use their alts to create threads that they believe may be bannable or generally controvesial on their main account, so they use their alternate account to avoid any possible bans.

There has been a sort of alt-epidemic on the BBS, leading many users to believe that anyone with under 100 posts, asking a believed to be stupid question or even being a level one is an alt.

Alt also seems to be being made into an insult on the BBS, with some users taking offense to being branded an Alt.

Submission Alts.

Strawberry Clock is a well-known one of these. Coolboyman used his SBC acct to submit spam entries to the portal, which gained cult status. Authors may wish to get a more honest response, not biased either for or against the author. Many authors who are members of more than one crew submit under their different crew identities, including those who are on both sides of a crew conflict. There are, for example, users who have different crew identities for both the Clocks and the Locks eg. Redneck Clock is also Winchester Lock.

A well-used alt

Having an alt is NOT, in itself anything wrong on Newgrounds, indeed Wade Fulp has one; therefore reporting someone as an alt is pointless unless they have done something wrong with the alt.

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