Alloy: Arena is a game created by MindChamber and PsychoGoldfish. The minigame consists of using combos of guns, punches, and kicks to kill the gang known as "Da 'Hood Rats" and also the robotic cyberdogs called "Cyber Pit Bulls."

The game has over 3 million views and features in the Flash Portal History 2004 Collection.

Character Edit

The character "Alloy" was created by MindChamber. Alloy almost became a Gameboy game, and a TV series. But according to PsychoGoldfish, due to lazy executives the game was never released to the public, nor the TV series. PsychoGoldfish and Mindchamber reinvented it in flash format as an arena game. The game is currently on Newgrounds, and no further announcements for a game have been made. However, Alloy did appear in Newgrounds Rumble as one of the playable characters.


The Arrows move Alloy.A is to Jump,S is to Shoot and D is to punch and kick.K is to end the game.


Double Tap LEFT or RIGHT for the bike.

Hold D to charge a punch or kick.

Hold D,then S for the harpoon attack.

Hold UP or DOWN,then press D for Special Attacks.(Up for Spike Uppercut,Down for Spikeball.)

Press A while in mid-air for a double jump.

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