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Real Name: Alan Becker
Birthdate: May 18, 1989
Profile: noogai/Outside's profile
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 4
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Whistle: NormalWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Civilian.png
Flash: Animator vs. Animation

Pink Army

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Alan Becker is the artist and creator of the multi-award winning "Animator vs. Animation" series. He goes under the name of "Outside". He is notorious for making a deal with eBaum's World, allowing them to host his work on their site in exchange for cash. Many have since declared that he sold himself out to a work-stealing site. He created an exclusive deal with Atom for his Animator vs Animation game and then agreed to 1 year's exclusivity on Atom for Animator vs Animation. In early 2016 he made an animation called: Animation vs Minecraft.

Pink Army[]

Pink Army, the stick animation that started noogai's career in animation

Alan submitted his first animation to New grounds in early 2006. Pink Army was not an immediate hit; it has no awards and not a huge number of views. However, perhaps because of his later success, it is in the Stick Collection and has a massive 9.5/10 review score.

Animator vs Animation[]

Alan hit new grounds with Animator vs Animation later in 2006, taking not just New grounds, but a string of websites by storm. He followed this success with Animator vs Animation 2 in 2007, which won another string of awards, then finally produced Animator vs Animation 3 in 2010, which was not immediately released on New grounds, as Alan had agreed a year of exclusivity with Atom. However, when it was submitted in August 2011, it was an immediate success, jumping up to the top 10 All Time.

eBaum Controversy[]

Animator vs Animation appeared on eBaum's World, a site which many Newgrounders consider to be nothing but stolen work. Alan explained himself that eBaum's contacted him and offered him money on the understanding that he should say that he had already agreed to have Animation vs Animator on eBaum's world. Alan took the money, then later told the truth, that it was originally stolen and he was only offered the money later. He expressed regret for having agreed to the deception. Alan has made a video, on his youtube channel, where he talks about the drama and other stuff in his past regarding his animations. A link of which can be found ☀Here.