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The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton (or A.A.H.W) is an organization in the world of Madness Combat which is specifically designed to thwart the attempts of Hank. They were first mentioned in Madness Antipathy in a poster bearing their name. Their base of operations is unknown, but they do have a recruiting station somewhere in Nevada (the building in which the fighting took place in Madness Antipathy was a recruiting station). The organization may have been in existence since Madness Redeemer, but it has so far only been mentioned once.


1337 Crew[]

The ranks of the 1337 Crew.

The elites of the agency, these enemies bear a distinct resemblance to the Agents in the movie "The Matrix". They are supposedly better trained and ready to deal with the protagonist, but they show little improvement over normal enemies.

A.T.P agents[]

Graduates of the A.T.P (Accelerated Training Program) are normal enemies who are trained in combat by the agency. Though no specific characterization has been given to the graduates, it is suspected that anybody from Madness Combat 6 and beyond who is not part of the 1337 Crew is now an A.T.P Grad.

Recruiting process[]

Madness Antipathy also contained signs and a booth which dealt with and described the signup process. It is as follows:

Phase One - Submit your identity to the collective and be assigned a new personal identification number.

Phase Two - Receive 'monies' pass to attend the rehabilitation and cranial reorganization event hosted by our new Lord and Master.

Phase Three - Receeve direction instructions from one of our certified l33t crew agents. They will point you to your appropriate function and gladly answer any questions you might have.