Real Name: Shawn Tanner
Birthdate: July 30, 1985
Profile: Afro-Ninja
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Aura: Game Developer
Level: Level 44
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Blam/Protect Rank: Police Sergeant.png
Police Sergeant
Flash: SSBM: The Knee

Black Sheep Acres

Pico's Return

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Afro-Ninja is the username of Shawn Tanner (born July 30, 1985), a Newgrounds Portal and Forum Moderator.

Flash[edit | edit source]

Afro-Ninja is best known for his 2006 game Territory War, which featured gameplay similar to the "Worms" series. Two teams would have groups of up to six stickmen, which would fight in one of a few arenas using boots, grenades, and rifles. Two years later, an online multiplayer version of the game was released. Now TW3 is released one of the best games ever with new weapons such as mortar, sniper ,rpg ,acid ,and teleporter.Plus the grenades have spins now which is different from TWO. Afro-Ninja has also made a number of "Escape" games, Newgrounds Sim, and collaborated with Zombie-Pimp and Eronn on House of 1000 Cats, the winner of 2008's Pico Day.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Afro-Ninja's flash submissions have received a total of over 17 million views. Afro-Ninja has won 43 awards since 2002, including four Weekly Users' Choice awards and eleven daily winners. House of 1000 Cats was nominated for the 2008 Tank Awards, and he was on the voting panel for games in 2007 and movies in 2008.

Afro-Ninja during a meet.

Personal[edit | edit source]

Afro-ninja a few years ago

Afro-Ninja signed up on March 2, 2002, after visiting the website for a few years. He is currently, as of Aug 2010, living in Philadelphia, sharing a flat with Luis. He attends meets, such as the Colorado meet.

External Links[edit | edit source]

This is his website.

2011 Interview

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