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A rating

Submissions with the A-rating requires "Nudity/Sexual" to be set to "Lots"

The A rating (which stands for Adult Content) is one of the 4 age ratings on Newgrounds. This rating is applied to content which have been marked on the Nudity/Sexual section, "Lots". Submissions that use the Adult Content rating are usually pornographic content, but non-pornographic content with high levels of nudity (mostly for humorous purposes) also fall on this category.

A-rated movies or games usually never get frontpaged and are ineligible for portal awards, with some rare exceptions. In the latter's case, this occurs when a previously M-rated movie is re-rated A, either by reports or by Author's choice.


Screen that appears on Adult Content if you don't have an account.

On Settings, the user can configure if they want to watch Adult Content, and there's options to block these or advertise the user when accessing in an A-rated submission. Since 2022, if an user hasn't their birthday configured and if they try to enter onto an A-rated submission, it will be redirected to an page to configure their birthday. If the user is under 18, they will be permanently blocked from watching Adult Content, however, if they're over 18, they can watch Adult Content without any problem.

Newgrounds has various official collections dedicated only to Adult Content, such as the "Adult Features" one. This collection could've easily accessed by users via the "Mature" button, however, it has removed since the 2012 redesign and, although it can still be accessed and is still having content added on, it hasn't had major updates since.

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