Adobe Flash is a multimedia software tool used to create games and movies on Newgrounds. The Portal is devoted entirely to Flash animations and games in the form of game: swf and html5 movie: swf, mp4, mov and wmv and many users on Newgrounds have learned to use and create expertly skilled works of art with it.

File extensions[edit | edit source]

Flash files come in various forms, with different extensions that are unique to the flash format.

Ext. Explanation
.swf These files are compiled or published versions of a flash file that can be viewed, but not edited by, certain flash viewers. However, .swf files can be reverted back into .fla using specific programs called decompilers.
.fla These are uncompiled flash files which can be edited and changed before publishing. You can open these with Adobe Flash and contain source material for a Flash application.
.as These contain AS(Actionscript) source code. Actionscript is the programming language that is used within Flash to be used to aid in animation, audio, text, and event handling. However, .fla files can also contain Actionscript as well.
.swd Temporary files used in debugging. Useless once finished developing a flash project and can be removed.
.asc .asc files contain Server-Side ActionScript, which is used to develop efficient and flexible client-server Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX applications.
.flv Flash video files.
.jsfl .jsfl contain Javascript code and access the Flash Javascript Application Programming Interface, in which one can create shapes out of pure Actionscript.
.swt .swt files are 'templatized' forms of .swf files, used by Macromedia Generator
.flp .flp files are XML files used to reference all the document files contained in a Flash Project. Flash Projects allow the user to group multiple, related files together to assist in Flash project organisation, compilation and build.
.spl These are FutureSplash documents. These were used before Flash files, when it was then known as FutureSplash, which later became Flash 1.0.
.sol Local shared object documents.

ActionScript[edit | edit source]

For more info see the main article: ActionScript

ActionScript is the scripting language for Adobe Flash. Actionscript's format is similar to other scripting languages such as JavaScript. In Flash, it is used to control events and animation within a SWF file. Actionscript has moved through three versions over Flash's history.

Flash animation[edit | edit source]

For more info see the main article: Flash animation

Flash animation relies on two methods- frame by frame (fbf) and tweening.

Frame-by-frame[edit | edit source]

This method of flash animation relies on consistently tweaking the shape, colour etc. of an object in order to animate it. It is a very tedious method, and is sometimes aided by onion-skinning. This method enables the user to make the exact detailed changes from one from to another at the rate they require.

Onion skinning[edit | edit source]

The ability to see transparent images of frames directly before and after a selected frame in the Flash timeline. This is used to differentiate between two frames and shows where to draw the next figure.

Tweening[edit | edit source]

This method of animation uses Flash's engine to generate the animation. It is faster than FBF animation, but is not as precise. The user creates the image for the start and the end and specifies the number of frames between then the computer fills in the frames changing from one image progressively to the other.

Motion tweening[edit | edit source]

Motion tweening involves two objects, which change in position, alpha, scale, or rotation. Both start and end objects have to be symbols in order for the tween to work.

It is also possible to adjust the rate of change in order to simulate acceleration or speeding up.

Shape tweening[edit | edit source]

Shape tweening is the change in color, shape, alpha, etc. Both start and end objects have to be shapes (not symbols) in order for the tween to work.

Accessibility to Newgrounds Users[edit | edit source]

Since the product costs hundreds of dollars to purchase, many users have complained about the high cost of Flash. However, the 30-day demo is readily available to people who cannot afford the product at the moment. There are freeware flash programs as well, such as Liveswif.

Some people have resorted to piracy of Flash, and cheap copies and imitations can be bought at a significantly cheaper price.

Changing Newgrounds Flash Animation[edit | edit source]

As mobile phones became the screen of choice for many people and Flash was not visible on their screens, Newgrounds changed and opened up to other animation. Tom Fulp explained in post in 2019 where Flash currently is in the world of animation

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