Real Name:
Profile: absent
Aura: Melancholy
Level: Level 30
Mod Aura.pngLevel 30.png
Whistle: DeityWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Captain.png

absent is a well-known Forum and Review Moderator on Newgrounds. He is also a major collaborator of Flash movies.

Flash Collaborator[edit | edit source]

absent has over 300 movies to his name, most of which are collaborations. These movies tend to have low scores, usually well below 3/5. He is co-authored in two Adolf Hitler series': Adolf Hitler around the world in eighty Days came first- Followed by another series later. He is credited with Additional Art. Despite or because of the spammy content of his work, he has won two awards: A Review Crew Pick and Underdog of the Week.

Awards[edit | edit source]

Review Crew Pick.gif Adolf Hitler: ATWI80D 80

Underdog.gif Adolf N' Woodrow 01

Personal[edit | edit source]

In 2011, absent Posted a news post about wasting time and life dwelling too much on Stats. He admitted to having been a Stat whore- worrying if he failed to get his experience points for a day and felt that his time could have been spent much better. The post got a number of detailed replies.

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