ATP Agent

A typical A.T.P. Agent

The A.T.P. (Accelerated Training Program) agents appear to be a higher rank in the l337 crew as depicted on posters in the Madness flash series, by Krinkels. They first appear in Madness Consternation. The agents have unusual attributes, such as yellow blood, possibly due to experimentation. They also appear to be the mechanics of the l337 agents.

In the So You Joined L33T poster, it is shown that the crew is attempting to persuade more people to join their ranks.

Madness Combat 7: ConsternationEdit

Pictures of their masks have been seen in numerous posters persuading others to join the group. Towards the end, the first two in the series were seen repairing Tricky's Portable Improbability Drive after Hank was smashed through the wall. Shortly, Jesus Christ jumped down from the roof and shot both of them with his new .50 caliber revolver.

Madness Combat 8: InundationEdit

The A.T.P. agents played a more important role. About half of all the protagonist's enemies appeared to be A.T.P. agents. Although they are supposedly at a higher rank than normal l33t agents, they appear to be no more powerful, for they are killed just as easily. Since of that the Auditior grows weaker but it is good for him with the dead bodys he absorbs them and gets larger, and stronger.

Madness Combat 9Edit

Just like Madness Inundation, many of them were enemies of  Sanford and Deimos. Two were possessed by the Auditor during the course of the episode.


  • Even though they were really common in the later episodes of the Madness series, none of them were killed yet by Hank himself.
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