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"Oh shoot, I farted." -8-BitAnt
Real Name: Anthony
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Alts: 8-BitAnt

BOA-Studios PetePeecha

Aura: Game Developer
Level: Level 19
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Anthony, better known as 8BitAnt, or simply Ant, is an American video creator on Newgrounds and YouTube.


Ant joined Newgrounds on February 19th, 2019 as 8-BitAnt, however, that account has since been inactive

On has since moved to a second account called 8BitAnt (without the hyphen).

As of Sunday, August 8th 2021 8BitAnt has taken a break from the site for unknown reasons, but he has had is name changed to 8BitVurb because VURBANK took over his account for the duration of his break along with art being posted along with this newspost.



Ant's most popular video on Newgrounds is Amoung Us in a nutshell. It was the submission he made for the Among Us animation jam, and the final video shown in Among Us | Ultimate Cartoon Compilation, a compilation posted on the official Newgrounds YouTube channel.[1][2]

He also has a series where the main character, a parody of Peter Griffin from Family Guy, is called Peter Peecha.[3] Like most of Ant's other videos, this series is animated using 3D Movie Maker, a computer program released on Windows in 1995. The series finale is going to come out although we don't quite know when due to the fact he has not been working on it recently.


Ant's games are a whole different story, he tends to upload sh*tpost games made on Construct 2. The most popular game of the bunch being Money Man. Money Man is a fan game based on games made by the now defunct game developer Jazzuo. This game did really well earning a Daily Feature, a Frontpage, and now has nearly 30,000 views. Super Gangsta Mario was his first game posted to his account on October 24, 2020.[4]

8BitAnt's Characters[]

Ant (Fursona)[]

For those who don't already know, 8BitAnt is a furry (although rarely mentioned by him) and his main OC is his fursona. Ant is a fire ant. Not much else is known about Ant.

Ant (Persona)[]

Before 8BitAnt was a furry he had a persona of the same name with similar looks based on his IRL appearance. Ant is a pale white guy with glasses, brown hair, a green shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.


  • As of August 2021, 8BitAnt has 21 trophies.[5]
  • He doesn't know how to exit Undertale.
  • He's a very nice person to talk to

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